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minutes for 8th.Dec meeting

NRHGPGC minutes for the monthly meeting 2nd Friday of the month at

                        Ballina Bowling Club

                       8th December 2017

Minutes for the meeting  of the 8th. Dec.

Attending…. .Dan and Adele, Tristian,Shaun,Craig K. Mick (Mr. Thermal )Hill,Dan Fleming,Mr. Irv ,Petra and Peter,Jan and Glen, Nick Huges ,Fern ,Andrew.and James the vet.

Apologies…… Glen (president) Fiona ,Jaden,Mark  and Tess,   Gav ,Phillipe.

Daniel took over the chair  for Glen

Business from last Month

A question was raised last month about funding from NSWHPA, the procedure has changed from previous years. Now at the end of each financial year ,we submit a proposal or a claim of expenditure with all necessary receipts ,and it is then presented to the NSWHPA committee for approval. James has started  preparing  2017 documents for the end of this Financial year.

Christmas party at Mullumbimby Uniting Church in Dally St    contact Petra or Jan.

Flying Circus.. Be ready as it could be the next flyable weekend at Lennox.

T Shirts   no updates atm from Asher

Tow weekend with Andrew.  destination nearer ,the  time Dates are  13/14 or 20/21  so contact

Andrew 0428 666 843

Guest Speaker   Mal Whitfield

A very informative  and interesting talk on First Aid as well as very entertaining.

Meet   start   7.20pm ….finish 9.35pm.