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Sept 14th. 2018 Club AGM

AGM 14th September 2018


Apologies……Glen Nepia, Lachlan Hayes, Campbell., Mark & Tess,  Phillipe and Nick Pierce.

In Attendance……Shaun Reynolds, Craig, Gav ,Mick Hill, Tristian ,Neil, Tim  ,Scott Barret, Daniel Fleming,  Ian, Brian and Col Rushton, Fiona, Jan and Glen


President’s Report

My apologies for not attending the AGM however important matters at Rainbow Beach had to be addressed.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time and made a contribution in any form of activity for the club, without this we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Over the past year, a couple of activities had occurred, upgrading the Club website and provide a membership renewal via ecommerce. This has vastly improved our communication and membership services. There is also areas where we can improve and get more member engagement.

The Commonwealth Games this year we had to comply with CASA procedures for flying at our sites, well done to everyone being directly involved and members for adhering to protocol.

In addition to this, we have seen an increased number in members this year which I believe is attributed to our great Club Culture.

Fly High



Membership Report

Current Members at 122

Treasurer’s report and presentation of audited financial statement.

Paypal account balance $ 7.31

Current Account balance $ 8,584.95

total funds $ 8,592.26




Current club positions dissolved at 7-30  14th.September 2018.

ALL positions are now vacant, so, nomination  for the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer are now required.

Nominations for the 2018/19 executive


President,            Glen Nepia ………………nominated  by

Daniel .Meinjes………Seconded …………….by a unanimous show of hands


Vice President      Daniel Meinjes……..nominated by Col Rushton

and seconded……… by a unanimous show of hands.


Secretary       Sandy Thomson      nominated by Daniel Meinjes

and seconded by a unanimous show of hands


Treasurer        Adelle Meinjes      nominated   by Jan Smith

and seconded  by Glen Smith


Public Officer  Gavin Hartel  Nominated by Mick Hill

seconded by Sandy Thomson


Ballina liaison Officer    Jan Smith                seconded by Sandy Thomson


Byron Liaison Officer    Brian Rushton        seconded by Sandy Thomson


Other Business

Tow Date

Last 2 dates have been cancelled due to bad weather

The new date is     November 20th.  at  Casino.


Christmas Party  Date

Hope to be earlier this year say at the end of November.

will mention next month, so ,all think of a suitable venue.


Flying Circus

Again have an earlier date than last year  ,say end of October hopefully still in mild conditions.

Jan Smiths added      start thinking and working on your creation..


Flight of the Month

It was  awarded to  Scott Barrett ,who flew from Palmwoods to Yamba Via Lismore and little Italy, and gave a great ,but far  too brief, as was very interesting talk of how he did it .

A truly awesome flight.


Private Launch Site

Col Rushton spoke on the protocols of this site.

This site had been closed for a couple of years, and now have new owners which Col has spoken too, and has now been allowed to fly there again ,but under strict guidelines. The site is more suited to hang gliders I believe ,due to limited bombouts.

You must contact Col before venturing out there.


Swing and Fling

No date yet ,just waiting for hanger to be free.


B.R.A.B.S. award  went to  Tim Daley


Meeting    start    7 pm  Finish  8-30 pm